Local RWF Students

Thank you for your interest in the Buddy Program! The role of the RWF Buddy is to make it easier for exchange students to start their studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich.

The RWF Buddy is both a mentor and a friend. The RWF Buddy supports the exchange student in his/her daily life and is available for any questions he/she may have. We want to encourage contact between students of the University of Zurich and the exchange students as this is an incredibly enriching experience for both sides. This exchange makes it possible to refresh language skills, get to know other cultures and make friends around the world.

At the end of the semester, the faculty will issue a certificate to each buddy who successfully participated in the program (attendance at events and filled out feedback form required).


Each RWF Buddy will be responsible for 1-4 exchange students for at least one semester. The mentoring includes the following:

  • Providing basic information at the beginning of the semester about life in the city of Zurich, studies and the university in general.
  • Availability for any questions during the semester by email, SMS or in person. It is especially appreciated if you can take action and check in on your Exchange Buddies!
  • Organisation of casual and fun meetings with your group of exchange students to actively promote the exchange during the semester.


Participation at the following events is mandatory – please let us know if you can’t attend these events but still wish to take part in the program (info@fv.sirecht.ch).

  • Welcome Brunch
    • Date: Saturday before the start of the semester from 9:00 a.m. to approx. 2:00 p.m.
    • This includes a brunch with the exchange students and a campus tour (in English).
  • Information event for exchange students and RWF Buddies
    • Date: once in the first week of the semester at 6:00 pm
    • This event gives academic information about student life at the RWF.

There are many other fun events during the semester, where we would love to see you but that are not mandatory. For example: Chocolate making, watch factory visit, parliament visit, and apéros at Apotheke.


Interested? Then register here!

We would love to have you as a RWF Buddy!

Please read these instructions for the registration process carefully:

  1. Fill in your new profile as a „local student“.
  2. Choose „Zurich“ and the „University of Zurich“ as city.
  3. Select only the current semester, even if you wish to participate for two semesters.
  4. Submit your registration.
  5. Check your emails (including the spam folder!) for an email from the platform and confirm your registration.
  6. Fill out your personal profile under „My Profile“ with your information so that we can find someone who fits you.
  7. After having assigned the exchange students to you, you have to accept your match in your profile.

Thank you very much for your support!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by email (info@fv.sirecht.ch). We are looking forward to your registration!

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